Monday, November 23, 2009

A romantic chart and bracelet with a water sign emphasis

Although I've never met the person behind it, I have journeyed through their basic motivations while doing their chart and bracelet. I have a particular fondness for this one. The individual has generous planets in Pisces, and so ended up with quite a bit of aquamarine and moonstone, not to mention the Grand Water Trine in her chart, and a Mars in Cancer. Lots of intuitive, mysterious, compassionate water energy!

It turned out so delicate and pretty!!
Here is what the gift-giver said,
"The bracelet will be such a hit--a treasure. The reading is eerily right on--I mean, I can not wait to watch her face as she reads it!"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Mandala bracelet for a darling boy for his 2nd birthday!

I was so excited to make this bracelet for a friend's sweet little boy. Some of the stones I used were jade, garnet, red coral, and tigers eye. This it the first boy's bracelet I have made, and was very pleased with it's masculine appearance.

Apparently it is being well loved...Here's a kind note from his mom!

'"We absolutely love the bracelet -- it fits perfectly and the gems and stones are gorgeous! We were hesitant at first because not too many boys wear bracelets, but after I put it on him he didn't want to take it off! Also, why don't boys wear bracelets? Especially cool ones like this?!! Oner and I just love it. We're so happy we decided to get this for his birthday. And, I hadn't expected the lengthy printout that came with it detailing all the gems and how they relate to Oliver's personality. It's so fascinating and I think when Oliver grows older he'll find it just as interesting!"