Wednesday, September 30, 2009

astrological mandala bracelets

Astrological Mandala Bracelets
by: stellarkates

Astrology is the language of the soul. An incredible way to gain insight and clarity into your personal journey.

The Astrological Mandala Bracelet is a map of your unique astrological chart in a stunning bracelet. Since the time of ancient Egyptian astrologers the signs have been associated with certain colors and stones. Gems, stones, and natural materials symbolize your planets in their signs, revealing and reminding you of your innate potential and energies. Included with your bracelet, is your birth chart and a personalized astrological reading explaining your bracelet’s symbols. Your bracelet arrives in a satin bag and makes a lovely gift for adult or child.

$80 adult bracelet and birth chart reading
$65 children’s bracelet and birth chart reading

Please allow one to two weeks for your mandala bracelet and reading.

To Order: email with your the unique birth story you would like represented in your bracelet(s):

-birth date
-birth time (as exact as possible, include am or pm)
-birth place

"My mandala Astrology Bracelet is my lucky charm. Everywhere I travel, I always wear it. My stars are really following me." -Paige

"My mandala bracelet makes me feel closer and connected to my higher self, allowing me to be a better person in this plane of existence, and it looks great with everything I wear." -Evelyn Oliva
“My bracelet reminds me...That I'm different and unique!!!!”- Jane B.

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